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Our Story

After graduating from Helwan University in Cairo, Egypt and achieving Bachelors of Fine Arts in Architecture, Mr. Ayman began his career and has worked from 1985 up to 1991 in Egypt before starting to work in Bahrain. Mr. Ayman has worked up to 10 years in Andalus Engineering as Senior Architect, and since then has worked his way up to the top. He worked for 6 years up to 2008 in Arch World as Head of Design & Office Manager. After accumulating all the knowledge and experience as an Architect, he joined a partnership business, 'Ebdaa Engineering' for 7 years up to 2015 in Exhibition Road, Bahrain. He then founded his own sole ownership business, Ayman Yousif Engineering in 2016.


Since early beginnings, Mr. Ayman Yousif has successfully completed more than 1000 prestigious projects around the Kingdom. These range from Private villas, Factories, Multi storey buildings and High rise buildings.

Ayman Yousif Engineering was also involved in projects of special nature, Restaurants' Interior design and supervision, Warehouses and Industrial factories were designed. Meeting the client's needs in a dynamic and interesting manner; it has established a strong business relationships on the island and abroad.

Furthermore, the company understands that satisfaction is the essence, and such it is keen on efficiently investing its efforts in all types of projects. Adapting to the needs of the clients, respecting the culture and the environment, careful material selection, meticulously analyzed and studied Engineering models and structures, and efficient project management and supervision all come hand in hand to successfully give life to the client's dreams.

Ayman Yousif
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Ayman Yousif Engineering Reception
Ayman Yousif Engineering Reception
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